Tidvis Games

Developing new ways of experiencing history



Published games:

The Widow's Boutique

The Widow’s Boutique is a Nordic noir, historically accurate Visual Novel, filled with drama, dresses, and danger!

Edvard Sills

Minigames in the streets of Oslo telling the story of Edvard Sills.

Time Machine

Time Machine showing immersive 3D-visualisations of Oslo in 1324 and 1798.

Games in development:

The Desperate Search

A mother’s search for her lost son in Christiania, 1821.

Kickstarter launches in June!

The Gentleman's Tailor

Design and dress a regency era gentleman in historically authentic attires.

Coming this summer.

Future games:

Mary Wollstonecraft - The Silver Treasure

Mary Wollstonecraft by John Opie, c. 1797

A Narrative Adventure game about finding the silver treasure which Mary Wollstonecraft in 1795 traveled through Scandinavia searching for – and which she never found.

Using game mechanics from Visual Novels, mini-games and RPGs to create immersion and interaction, with randomness, chance and consequences.

Primary target group: women 16+ and anyone interested in history and period dramas.

Meet the team

Ragnhild Hutchinson

CEO / Producer / Writer

Ragnhild is a 18th century historian (PhD), nordic larper and regency enthusiast. She is the producer and script writer for the game.

Maria Eliassen


Maria is a professional illustrator with a passion for historical fashion. She designs the characters, backgrounds and UI for the game. 

Tora Osvold


Tora has a BA in 3D graphics and has many years experience making detailed historical 3D-assets and environments.                                                    

Amund Pedersen

Historian / COO

Amund Pedersen has a MA in history and has a wide experience in disseminating history. He loves researching old archives after signs of lived lifes.

Carl William Holm


Carl has a BA in Game Design and a passion for systems and programming. He designs the game’s systems and adapts it for various platforms.             

Ken Mikkelsen

Game Designer

Ken has a degree in philosophy (MA). He has developed gameplay and turned art, writing and code into a cohesive experience.