Press Kit

About the game:

The Widow’s Boutique is a Nordic noir Visual Novel set in 1820s Christiania (today Oslo).

You play as Widow Sem, recently widowed and back on the social scene of Christiania. Having inherited a drapery business from your late husband, you must maneuver prejudice as well as the challenging economic times. The game is closely inspired by history, actual persons and happenings.

In this game you must balance smuggling and espionage with running your drapery boutique, while also navigating romantic interests.

About us

We at Tidvis Games are historians, game developers and illustrators passionate about exploring how history can be conveyed and told in new ways.

We have previously re-created Oslo in 1798 ( and now we want to make an immersive time travel experience to the regency period.

Showing the women who changed their world and lives through choices and agency.