Seamstress Lind's Dress Up

Welcome to Seamstress Lind’s Dress Up. Here you can design your own regency dress. Choose cut, colour and decor, and once you’re satisfied you can print it out and play with it as a real paper doll. 

Dress it up however you wish and tell your own story! 

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In the 1820s you went to a seamstress to make your dress dreams come true. Most people could sew themselves, but if the dress was for a special occasion, it was probably best to find a skilled seamstress, who knew how to sew dresses that concealed and highlighted you in the best way.

How quickly you got the dress depended on how much you paid. Once the embroidery and decorations were finished, you could have the dress in a day or two – but then the seamstress had to work day and night.

Design your own ball gown with a seamstress just like in the 1820s. You choose the cut, colour, and decoration, but also how long the seamstresses will have to spend sewing it. Finally, you can print the dress and get your own regency paper doll.

Even today clothes are still sewn, and although sewing machines are used these days, the working conditions are often poor. The textiles we use today are often not produced in sustainable ways either.