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The Widow's Boutique

The Widow’s Boutique is a Nordic noir historically accurate Visual Novel, filled with drama, dresses and danger!

You are Mrs. Sem, recently widowed and back on the social scene of Christiania. Having inherited a drapery business from your late husband, you must maneuver prejudice as well as the challenging economic times. The game is closely inspired by history, actual persons and happenings.

In this game you must balance smuggling and espionage, with running your drapery boutique while, also navigating romantic interests.

There are 15 unique endings and all your choices matter!

Your choices may draw you into shady deals and social intrigue with dire consequences… Choose your friends wisely…


We also have a regency dress-making game!

In this game you get to design your own ball gown with a seamstress just like in the 1820s.

You choose the cut, colour, and decoration, but also how long the seamstresses will have to spend sewing it.

Finally, you can print the dress and get your own regency paper doll.